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Premium Luxury Steaks - Aus MB6/7 Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu Ribeye

Our loyal regulars have asked for higher grade Aus Wagyu and we have finally found a good cut for this program! We go through extensive tasting and price negotiation to find a Wagyu Ribeye that meets the budget of our casual diners and also their demand for quality.

Definitely not an easy task as what defines good value paired with great quality is highly subjective! We have demanding customers who think they aren't getting enough quality, and this program aims to introduce the better quality steaks, and priced for casual dining.

The Premium Luxury ribeye is from Southern Australia cattle with marbling score of 6/7 - we are pricing it at only $108 for 500g served with 2 sides. More flavor and juicer than our famed Wagyu Ribeye which has a marbling score of 4/5.

If you are still reading and excited just as we are, we will be pricing this steak at a promotional price of $92 on Monday and Tuesday till end of April 2024 - PayNow promo (entire bill to be paid using PayNow).


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