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1-for-1 Wagyu Ribeye Promo Jan / Feb 2024

Armoury Wagyu Ribeye

Elevate your casual steak dining experience with our 1-for-1 Wagyu Ribeye Promo

This is most probably the best promotion we have offered for our famed Big Cut Wagyu Ribeye 500gm (Aus MB4) as we welcome the Year of the Dragon 🐉

1 free 500gm Wagyu Ribeye to be redeemed in February (next visit) with every purchase of 500gm Wagyu Ribeye from now till 18th February 2024

500gm Aus MB4 Wagyu Ribeye -$92 served with 2 sides

This promo requires payment via PayNow (entire bill), follow our IG - ARMOURYSTEAKS, like any post on our IG

Just a recap in case this is too complicated, the 1-for-1 Wagyu Ribeye (Aus MB4) 500g is as follows:

1. Buy 1 Aus Wagyu Ribeye 500g from now till 18 Feb

2. Get 1 Aus Wagyu Ribeye 500g free on next visit in Feb

*no limit, if you buy 2, you will be able to claim 2 more in subsequent visits

*PayNow promo


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