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Armoury Steak Buffet in the Media - Mothership High Beam

Updated: Jan 9

Forging the Digital Armourer

Marketing is crucial for to grow our restaurant sales so that we can have higher steaks volume which will allow us to have strong bargaining power in steaks procurement.

Our commitment to allowing our fans to enjoy our culinary skills at premium economy pricing requires us to grow our digital presence so that we can enjoy high steaks volume.

Mothership High Beam

Mothership feature of Armoury Steak Buffet

In the wake of the post-pandemic's challenges, our marketing journey at Armoury took an unexpected turn when our famed steak buffet stood out again as a beacon of indulgence.

A powerful high beam and unexpected feature from Mothership brought an overwhelming number of customers to our doors, each eager to experience the sensation that had captured Mothership's attention.

Our ground crew were caught off guard with patrons' frustrations running high and our happy staff were scolded for being unprepared. Armoury Digital Team had neither paid nor invited Mothership to feature our steak buffet. Consequently, some customers were taken aback when they realized that the photos featured in the "Unlimited Steak" showcase did not accurately represent our steak buffet! Understandably, this led to more frustration among some patrons, and our ground crew bore the brunt of their displeasure.

Nonetheless, Armoury is immensely grateful and inspired that our brand has captured Mothership's attention.


This is a professional photo of Armoury famed Steak Buffet


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