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CNY Set Menu @ Armoury Orchard Central

Special CNY Set Menu from 29 Jan to 24 Feb

Armoury Orchard Central will be open everyday

Special Hours on 9, 10, 11 Feb

CNY Eve | Friday 9 Feb: 1130am - 9pm

CNY | Sat, Sun 10, 11 Feb: 1130am - 10pm

For Tomahawk orders, please make your booking earlier (2 days in advance) and include a remark in your booking

福星高照 FORTUNE CNY MENU ($88/pax – min 2pax)

年年有余 鸿运当头 Prosperity Yu Sheng with Smoked Salmon

步步高升 招财进宝 Double Treasure Fish Maw with Crabmeat Superior Soup

遍地黄金 风生水起 Golden Pillows (fried mantou with condensed milk)

春风得意 财源广进 Fortune Mala Scallop Capellini

大吉大利 金银满屋 Japan F1 Hokkaido Ribeye & Striploin 500g (250g per pax)

生意兴隆 青春常驻 Japan Beef Blossom Fried Rice

青蓝岁月吉祥新春 Happy Reunion Poached Green Lettuce

甜甜蜜蜜幸福团圆 Sweet Harmony Glutinous Rice Ball

Pricing per Pax for other Steak Cuts

大吉大利 金银满屋 Australia Wagyu Ribeye $78/pax (250g per pax)

大吉大利 金银满屋 Australia Wagyu Tomahawk $78/pax

(1.5kg Tomahawk for 6 pax, additional pax will be topped up with 250g Australia Wagyu Ribeye per pax; we may offer larger Tomahawk if available)

大吉大利 金银满屋 Australia Black Angus Ribeye $58/pax (300g per pax)


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