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Discovering the savory Japan Hokkaido F1 Wagyu-Angus Cross at Armoury

While continuing our search for the steak that will leave lasting impression at affordable price, we have chanced on a well-priced steak from Hokkaido, Japan.

Hokkaido F1 Wagyu Ribeye and Striploin

This captivating Japan Wagyu Angus F1 cross from Hokkaido is a fusion of Kuroge Black Wagyu and Aberdeen Angus. The end result is an exceptional steak experience with well balanced marbling and the intense Japan flavors.

This steak cut is not new to Singapore, in fact, we were told by our suppliers that this cross has found its way to Singapore since 2006. We are still learning about great steaks and believe there are still many steaks out there that we will eventually discover.

Join us at Armoury as we explore an exciting dimension to the Wagyu experience.

Hokkaido Steaks Menu at Armoury:

  • F1 Wagyu Ribeye 500gm | $125

  • F1 Wagyu Striploin 500gm | $120

  • F1 Wagyu Combo (Ribeye + Striploin) 1kg | $220

All steaks served with 2 sides or Japan beef fried rice

Hokkaido F1 Ribeye

Our Hokkaido steaks were introduced to Armoury Orchard Central on 3rd January 2024, and we have already sold more than 10 portions (among our other great steak cuts). The customers are very satisfied and a few have mentioned this is the best value steaks.

The Japanese Angus-Wagyu cross delivers a beefier flavor than traditional Wagyu, maintaining incredible marbling without overwhelming richness. The Ribeye stands out for its balance of flavor and tenderness. Compared to Australian Wagyu-Angus crosses, the Japanese cross showcases distinct texture and flavor due to differences in cattle raising practices.

Armoury offers an exciting opportunity to savor the exquisite Japanese Angus-Wagyu cross. With its unique flavor profile and balanced marbling, this culinary gem provides an extraordinary exploration of flavors that transcends traditional boundaries. This has also increased the bar for our team to source for great value steaks!


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